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    AAF Buffalo Big Tee-Off

    AAF Buffalo would have normally held the annual celebrity bartending extravaganza, The Big Tip-Off, that happens on a beautiful summer night on a crowded patio and raises thousands of dollars for AAF Buffalo’s scholarship fund. Doesn’t exactly lend itself great to social distancing. But, the kids still need us!

    It’s been a hell of a year… what better way to commemorate it than an expertly designed t-shirt?

    The competition’s theme is “Hindsight’s 2020.” In other words, this year STINKS.

    To raise money for our scholarship foundation and keep the spirit of friendly competition alive, we invite you to participate in our first ever Big Tee-Off. Creatives from some of the top agencies and companies in the area have taken their best crack at t-shirt designs to fit our theme of Hindsight's 2020 and we think they're all home runs. We're counting on the Buffalo community to buy your favorite t-shirt and support the company with the best design.

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